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My Interview With An Up And Coming InDesign Professional

Today’s blog post is a little different than usual because I am interviewing a pretty cool person (just kidding it is just me). This will give you a little insight into the time I spent creating this weeks Public Relations Publications assignment. I, Sierra Abbott, will be asking the creator of this project, my alter ego: Blair Waldorf, all about the ins and outs of this assignment. I hope you can follow that logic because I barely can. Let’s get started!

Hi, Miss Waldorf. Can you tell me about your assignment that you had to do for Public Relations Publications today?

Hi, Sierra. I certainly can tell you about the assignment I completed today for my Public Relations Publications class. Last week, we were tasked with creating a business card for the organization of our choice through InDesign. This week, we had to create a letterhead for that same organization and use elements for the business card we created.

Can you tell me about the letterhead you created?

I created a letterhead for Soonerthon. Soonerthon is a 12-hour dance marathon that students from the University of Oklahoma participate in to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network Foundation. The letterhead I created has many elements of the business card I made last week. I kept it clean and simple. The only pop of color is the balloon, which is the logo for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Tell me about your strengths you had during this assignment.

I am extremely passionate about Soonerthon. I think that if you are passionate about something, it is easier to have fun doing work centered around that.

Tell me about your weaknesses you had during this assignment.

I am certainly not quite a professional when it comes to InDesign, but I am getting better each time I use it. InDesign is hard and it is easy to get frustrated, but I love that I can see how much easier it is to use and how much I improve each time I use it.

Do you have any advice for those who might want to try out InDesign? 

My biggest advice is to keep persevering. You will hit breaking points where you feel incapable and unintelligent, but I promise that you will get it. It takes a whole lot of practice. You have to learn how to critique your own work and step out of the box.

Thank you for your time!

Check out my final product:

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