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More Than What Meets The Eyes

Credit: Savage Media

There is such much more to a story than what meets the eyes.

Take a second to think about your favorite movie. Why is it your favorite movie? Most of you will probably say you love the story line or the way the movie makes you feel.

We go to the movie theater and spend two hours watching the latest film, and then we go back home. Those two hours were spent with various emotions: sadness, anger, love, fear, etc. We all have a type of movie we enjoy because it makes us feel a certain emotion, yet we do not always think about the process it takes to create the storyline and the emotions it makes us feel.

The process is more complex than we think.  It is all about telling a story, but there is a lot of work that goes behind storytelling. Usually, it goes through the process of empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. One might think that following a process is relatively easy, but when it comes to the creative process it is never easy. The process does not necessarily go in a straight line but can jump around and start over and over and over again. There is so much time and energy put into it.

This process can be frustrating and difficult, yet it has the possibility of creating something magical. The design process can be incredibly discouraging, but it can be so worth it when a creator works hard and creates a masterpiece along the way.

As a storyteller who tends to get discouraged when I cannot find the right words for my story, I think that the best advice for other storytellers is from a video on storytelling by Ira Glass. As some encouragement, I will leave you with his words.



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