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Reflecting On Public Relations Writing

How is this semester already over? This last semester went by in the blink of an eye, but I have learned a whole lot. The best part is that since I am done with my general education classes, I have learned so much as a public relations student. I feel like my skills have strengthened and I am more confident in my decision to chase a career in the public relations field.

I was a little nervous about taking this course at first, especially because I took it online instead of in a normal classroom setting. However, I still learned a whole lot and I was very proud of all of the work I completed this semester.

I started off this semester not knowing much about what public relations writing would cover. Honestly, I did not realize how valuable it is to know how to write and write effectively in the public relations field.

We started off with a refresher on AP style and then from there on we kept moving forward: news releases, media advisories, media pitches, fact sheets, backgrounders, position papers, feature stories, op-eds, letter to the editors, PSAs and ended with writing captions. I had a very basic knowledge of how to write a news release before this class, but that was it. I seriously learned more than I thought I would this semester. I was pleasantly surprised.

I grew a lot as a public relations professional this semester. I have learned so many valuable skills and it made me fall in love with public relations all over again. I know feel confident that I could write for almost anything that is thrown my way during my future. I know the basics, and I want to push myself to keep practicing my writing in order to be the best that I can be.

I look forward to learning more and more about the public relations field during my junior year. Thank you Pritch and Public Relations Writing for teaching me so much this semester!


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