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Bring On The Tears

Don’t deny it…you definitely cried at the end of this commercial.

The goal of companies is to sell their products to the right audience. In order to promote their product, it is obviously necessary to create advertisements. The advertisement should make consumers want to buy the product they see in the ad.

The video above is obviously an advertisement for Extra gum. It displays the relationship of a young couple starting from when they first meet in high school, and it goes all the way to the moment Juan proposes. The proposal tugs on the heartstring of every hopeless romantic out there because Juan saved the gum wrappers from their sweet moments together and he illustrated the moment on the wrapper. He hangs all of the wrappers up in picture frames, and then he proposes and I know the tears are already streaming down your face at this point.

This advertisement is my personal favorite ad of the year. It is the type of ad that is perfect for all audiences, which fits since the product is for basically anyone who can chew gum. The heartfelt love story draws the audience in; it makes them either reminisce about their true love, or for me, it makes me wish I had a boy that was as sweet as the one in the video.

Who does not relate to a love story? Basically every human being craves that kind of love that seems like it is never-ending. So many connect to that feeling of love, and it makes the ad unforgettable.

It was not even necessary for the ad to have a single world of dialogue. The actions are enough to draw the consumers in. The perfect song playing in the background of the love story is the perfect combination.

Ads that make the viewer really feel  emotions are very successful. Tears are usually the best emotion to evoke in ads. The feeling that it brings makes it very memorable, and it makes consumers want to buy that product when they see it in the store. When they see the gum, the consumer will now think about this love story and happily buy the pack of gum.

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