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When It Seems That Your “Good” Just Isn’t “Good Enough”

We all have  goals and aspirations in life . It seems that life as a college student has put a lot of perspective on the goals that I have. Goals that I had in high school have evolved and I have started to realistically figure out what I want in life. Now trust me, I definitely do NOT have my life figured out in any way. I just have small and large goals that I am taking on one step at a time. Some goals change, and some goals stay the same as I grow and learn.

When I set my eye on something I want, I go after it. If I really want it, then I make sure that I put all of my effort into making sure I can obtain my goal. When I have a goal, I really set my heart into it. When you put that much effort into something, you really expect to get what you worked so hard for. I always try my very best, but it seems that sometimes my “good” just isn’t “good enough.”

When you have the mindset that your “good” just isn’t “good enough,” you can get into a really dark place. It is so hard to hear the word “no” when you so desperately want to hear that “yes.” I’m going to be brutally honest. When I don’t seem to reach my goal or get what I want, I automatically label myself as a failure. My self-worth goes right down the toilet. I just want to give up and forget about all of the hard work that I put into it. The hard work seems pointless. It makes me feel like I am worthless and insignificant. I tell myself that I will never be “good enough.” It makes me want to turn off all of the lights and forget about my problems.

We have to stop thinking that we are not “good enough.” 

What does “good enough” even mean?

According to, some synonyms for “good enough” are: able, qualified, deserving, worthy, desirable and well-suited.

We are deciding that our worth is based off of the opportunities that we get…or do not get. Let me tell you something…your worth comes from God. Did you get that? Your worth comes from God. Not from the job you did or didn’t get. Not from the organization you applied for. Not from your success. Not from your failures. Your worth comes solely from God.

You are worthy because the God of the universe made you and He loves you.

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” Psalm 139: 13-14

How do you feel when you fail? You feel like that person just criticized everything about you and it doesn’t make you feel good. So, how do you think God feels when you criticize his masterpiece: YOU?

When you criticize yourself by saying you aren’t “good enough,” you are criticizing God’s handiwork. God delicately made you just the way that you are and He loves every single inch of you. You have to look at yourself through God’s eyes.

Trust me, you are going to get rejected a whole lot. You will get rejected from jobs, organizations, and even people. Instead of focusing on the negatives, we have to focus on the positives. 

It’s easy to focus on being upset and angry that we didn’t get what we want. Instead, we should try harder to focus on the good things that come out of it and have a positive attitude:

  • Usually, when we don’t get what we want it just means that something better is right around the corner.
  • It means that God needs us for something else in that moment.
  • Rejection is a great opportunity to learn something from the situation.
  • It might be God’s plan to add something to your testimony to help others.

If you go into a situation remembering that your worth is not based on their opinion of you then you will be happy with the outcome as long as you know you did your best. Yes, it’s okay to be sad and maybe a little frustrated if something doesn’t work out, but you have to move on and then look to the bigger and better things that are right around the corner.



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