The Little Things

My “Happy List”

When days get a little rough and I am kind of sad, my favorite thing to do is think about things that make me happy. It doesn’t matter if they are big things, or even little things. As long as it makes me happy, it is bound to brighten my darkest days. Creating what I like to call a “happy list” is great because one, it’s all about what makes myself happy; two, it’s a great way to forget about what is making me sad or angry in a positive way. So here is a little glimpse into only a few of the many things that make me extremely happy, but in no particular order of course.

  1. My family


My family is literally my everything. I can’t get through the day without talking to them at least once (usually more if I’m being honest).

2. My best friend


There is something amazing about having a person that you can literally trust with your life. I am lucky enough to have someone that I can turn to in the good times and bad. I know that she will be there for me no matter what.

3. Puppies


Who doesn’t love puppies?  I love my two little yorkies and even if I can’t pet them in person, looking at pictures or cute videos of them easily makes my day.

4. God’s word


Nothing makes me feel better than turning directly to God’s word. There is something about reading God’s truth that covers you with an instant peace.

5. OU Football


Boomer Sooner! I absolutely love the University of Oklahoma. There is something about school pride that makes you feel happy inside. It helps when your team is the best, too.

6. Writing


Writing is something that I have loved forever, and it exactly why I am writing this post. I love being able to not only express myself though my words, but I hope to actually help people with what I write as well.

7. Babies


Well obviously babies are adorable, so why wouldn’t you smile when you see one? They are just too cute and seriously too precious to describe. I could look at and hold my cute little baby cousin all day long.

8. The beach


Close your eyes and imagine yourself with sand in between your toes and the sound of the waves hitting the shore in the distance, and I promise that you will feel happy inside. Sometimes you just need to escape reality for a quick second and imagine yourself somewhere else.

9. Music


I love music. I love to sing, dance, play piano and even just listen to music. There is literally music for every type of mood you are in or what emotion you are feeling at the moment. It can take you away from the world and heal your soul.

10. Ice Cream


Sweet treats are definitely good for the soul. Thinking about ice cream…scratch that, going to get ice cream is the perfect cure for bad days. So go out and get some ice cream to put a smile on your face!

You may think this is a little cheesy, but honestly sometimes you have to create your own happiness. Whether you are having a good day or bad day, I recommend that you create your own “happy list” to pull out in times of need.


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