Need New Sunnies? Check out, Civion!

Hi, loves!

A couple weeks ago I was contacted via Instagram by a company that asked if I would be willing to try out their product and give my feedback to my lovely followers. How exciting is that? 

Civion is a cute online accessory store based in New York that sells the absolute cutest sunglasses and bracelets. I had never heard of it before, but I am so glad that I finally got to check them out!

I checked out their website and fell head over heels for a pair of sunglasses called The Designer. You can select your size: small or medium (I chose small because I have a little face). Small is usually the best fit for women. Then you can select the color of the lens: black, blue, or light (I chose light because it looks like rose gold).

Do you want to know the best part? Two words: free shipping! It took a little under three weeks for them to ship to me in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is not too bad. On their website, it says shipping to North America takes 7-20 days, to Europe takes 8-25 days, and the rest of the world takes 14-30 days.

The Designer sunglasses are usually $39.89 USD, but they are currently on sale for $27.35. 

Civion has a special deal for my followers. Who wants a code for 10% off any one item at their store? Use code: SIE10 at Civion to get 10% off! 

Let me know your thoughts on their products in the comments.

XOXO, Sierra

Always There

Hi, there! I have not written a blog post since school was in session, so I thought it was time to get back to my love language: words. So here is a little life update on how my summer is going:

It has been a pretty low-key summer so far. Days of soaking up the sun and searching for a job to make money and not die of boredom. Until last weekend…

Friday, May 26, started off as a normal day. I spent the day with my best friend Ally, shocker I know, and helped her with last minute preparations for her graduation party. We ended the night making chocolate covered strawberries and learning how to cook from her sweet Mimi. Since I am living in an apartment next year, I figured it would be smart to learn how to cook so that Ally and I do not starve in Norman next semester.

It started getting late and we decided to run to Walgreens to pick up a few more things for her party on Saturday. That is when the night took a turn for the worse…

I was driving us into town when a young girl pulled off of the turnpike and t-boned us on the highway. We ended up spinning off into the ditch.

It was a pretty traumatic experience, to say the least. My car might not be ok at the moment, but Ally and I were both alive so that is all that I cared about.

The police came and they thought they were pulling up to a scene a lot worse than it was. Luckily, we did not flip my car, which saved us. They told me that I did a great job of keeping us ok, but all I have to say is that Jesus really did take the wheel in that situation.

A few days later, a trip to the emergency room, some pain medication and a trip to the chiropractor later and we are both a little sore, but alive and well.

I must say, I had a big wake-up call this weekend. I love my God, but sometimes it can be hard to feel his presence 24/7. People keep asking me how my car was not completely destroyed and how Ally and I were not hurt a lot worse, and I have a simple answer for them: God was watching out for us.

I know that might sound a little cliche to some, but I know for a fact that God was protecting me and my best friend that night. How else would we have made it through?

This incident made me stop and think for a second. Why did I need a huge wake-up call, like my wreck, to remind me of God’s presence? He is not just there in the big moments when we realize we need him. God is there in the little moments, the big moments, the moments we realize we need him, the moments we do not realize we need him, and everything in between.

“So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.” 1 John 4:16

Once you accept God as your Lord and Savior, you are never alone. Is that not amazing? No matter where you are at, God is there. You are never alone. You never have to face anyone alone. You never have to do anything alone. God is always there.

XOXO, Sierra