Lights Camera Action

Guess what? After a couple of long and hard weeks…I finally finished my video project from my Public Relations Publishing class! All I can say is, thank goodness it is over. Adobe Premiere Pro…

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My editing and videography skills are definitely far (and I mean like infinitely far) from being perfect. Adobe Premiere Pro is still not my favorite, and I do not see myself using it in my future unless I absolutely have to. Creating videos is definitely one of my nurture talents, meaning I am not good at it and I will for sure have to keep working on my skills.

Luckily, I had a great partner for my video project, Wyatt Stanford. When I interviewed him, I could tell how passionate he is about his Choctaw heritage. I decided to center my video around his love for his Choctaw heritage and culture. One of my absolute favorite things in the world is to see someones eyes light up when they talk about something they are passionate about, and I definitely saw this in Wyatt when I interviewed him. It actually was great to put together this short video about Wyatt’s passion because I could see in his eyes how much his heritage means to him.

I do not see a future in film making, but here is my completed video project (please go easy on the judgment on the editing side of things):

Work Work Work Work Work

I am so sorry to disappoint, but I am not done with my video project for my Public Relations Publishing class just yet. They were supposed to be due yesterday, but the very gracious Croom extended the due date until next week.

Let me tell you, editing a video takes a whole lot of time. I did not expect it to take this long, but it is actually a very long and hard process. You have to edit your film, add some B-roll, sharpen the video, add some color effects to the video, add audio and so much more I cannot even remember right now.

Sadly, I am still not an expert in the film editing software we are using, Adobe Premiere Pro. I never thought I would actually miss using iMovie for the various and horrible short videos I have made via iPhone videography.

This process is a whole lot of work, but I actually am pretty excited to see how it turns out. My video is about my partner in class, Wyatt Stanford. Throughout our interviews last week, I could tell that his favorite thing to talk about was his Choctaw heritage, so that is exactly what my video is centered around.

I promise that I will actually be done with it next week, so make sure you check it out!

Ready For My Close Up

I hate to disappoint you, but I do not have any complaints or hardships from this week of class in Public Relations Publishing. Why might you ask? Because I did not have to even open Adobe Premiere Pro once this week (can I get a hallelujah).

Instead, this week I learned how to operate a camera from the cage in Gaylord in order to conduct my interview for our video project.

All I have to say is thank goodness my partner for this project knows how to operate everything on a camera or this blog post would probably not be as positive. I was not blessed in being knowledgeable about anything technological if you have not noticed by now. I am only experienced in good ole iPhone photography/videography.

Today we got to dive right in and film our interviews and shoot some B-roll (I love that word, it makes me sound like I actually know what I am doing).

I am a little camera shy, so it was a little awkward for me to be in front of the camera today (very ironic since I used to be a broadcast journalism major). On the other hand, I had so much fun interviewing my partner. It is always a great experience to learn a little more about your colleagues because that does not always happen when you sit in the same spot and talk to the same group of people in your classes every day.

Get ready for next week’s blog post because you will finally get to see the finished video project and probably hear me complain a lot about how hard Adobe Premiere Pro is if we are being honest.

Are We Done Yet?

It is week two of learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro in my Public Relations Publishing class. All I can say is…are we done yet?

For someone who is technologically advanced they might love this project, but if you are technically challenged like me…it is a little (or extremely) difficult. Video filming and editing is not my forte.

Adobe Premiere Pro is “iMovie on steroids” according to Croom, so hopefully I can figure it out with my very limited experience with making movies for my Spanish class on iMovie (which were incredible awful I  will not subject you to the torture of watching me attempt to act and speak Spanish at the same time).

Along with learning the Adobe Premiere Pro software, we are learning how to use some video filming equipment next week, which should be pretty interesting. My video expertise comes from shooting videos on my iPhone, so as you can tell I am very experienced (that is sarcasm if you were wondering).

Next week is going to be a little challenging…

The project we are tasked with this week sounds like a lot of fun even though I am nervous about putting it all together from filming to editing to interviewing to being interviewed. We were each paired with someone in our class, and now we are interviewing each other to show a glimpse of who we really are in a two minute video.

I am super excited to interview one of my classmates, but I am a little camera shy so I am nervous about being in someone’s video. I am interested to see how it turns out though. This video is supposed to be raw and natural. I wonder what we will end up talking about?

I really love the idea of this project. We watched a Ted Talk to introduce us to our assignment, and I absolutely loved it. I was surprised at how real the interviews were and how it really showed a glimpse into the lives of people. It made me feel like a knew them a little bit. Everyone really does have a story to tell, you just have to be willing to listen.

Stay tuned for next week to hear more of my weekly struggles.


SOS Teach Me How To Use Adobe Premiere Pro

Last week my blog post about using Canva in my Public Relations Publishing class was pretty upbeat. Luckily Canva is extremely user-friendly (even for those technically challenged like me). It was an easy week because I got to create basically whatever I wanted and use the easiest content creating program out there.

This week was a different story…

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Adobe Premiere Pro is freaking hard (I know I am a drama queen, but I am being serious). We literally only watched a Lynda video explaining how to use it and I am already overwhelmed. For those of you who do not know (me before my class on Tuesday), Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software.

My video skills consist of taking a video on my handy dandy iPhone and then using iMovie on my iPad to edit clips together. That is my very basic knowledge of editing videos, so I am in for a treat learning this new software.

I felt bad for our poor substitute teacher because I think I asked a question every five seconds of his presentation over Adobe Premiere Pro. He did not know what he was getting himself into. At least Croom is prepared for my millions of questions and confused antics.

Next week should be interesting when Croom tells us what kind of project we have to do on our own with Adobe Premiere Pro. I will have to prepare myself (that is a joke I will never be prepared).

Hopefully, I will come out of next week as an Adobe Premiere Pro professional (as if).

I will just have to go into next week with my usual Blair Waldorf attitude…

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Stay tuned for next weeks blog post on how hard Adobe Premiere Pro is and how many (many, many, many) questions I will be asking (I am sorry in advance Croom). It is a good think Croom seems like a pretty patient guy.