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SOS Teach Me How To Use Adobe Premiere Pro

Last week my blog post about using Canva in my Public Relations Publishing class was pretty upbeat. Luckily Canva is extremely user-friendly (even for those technically challenged like me). It was an easy week because I got to create basically whatever I wanted and use the easiest content creating program out there.

This week was a different story…

Adobe Premiere Pro is freaking hard (I know I am a drama queen, but I am being serious). We literally only watched a Lynda video explaining how to use it and I am already overwhelmed. For those of you who do not know (me before my class on Tuesday), Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software.

My video skills consist of taking a video on my handy dandy iPhone and then using iMovie on my iPad to edit clips together. That is my very basic knowledge of editing videos, so I am in for a treat learning this new software.

I felt bad for our poor substitute teacher because I think I asked a question every five seconds of his presentation over Adobe Premiere Pro. He did not know what he was getting himself into. At least Croom is prepared for my millions of questions and confused antics.

Next week should be interesting when Croom tells us what kind of project we have to do on our own with Adobe Premiere Pro. I will have to prepare myself (that is a joke I will never be prepared).

Hopefully, I will come out of next week as an Adobe Premiere Pro professional (as if).

I will just have to go into next week with my usual Blair Waldorf attitude…

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post on how hard Adobe Premiere Pro is and how many (many, many, many) questions I will be asking (I am sorry in advance Croom). It is a good think Croom seems like a pretty patient guy.


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