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One Of OU’s Best Kept Secrets

When I first came to the University of Oklahoma as a senior in high school, I immediately fell in love. Everything about it from the people to the actual surroundings made me feel at home. I knew that OU was where I was meant to be, and I could not wait to come back again.

When I finally made the move to campus my freshman year, it took me a little while to find the perfect place to study and do homework. I have been a Gaylord student since I started college, so I thought Gaylord would be the perfect place to search for that perfect spot.

When I first went into Gaylord during my free time, I decided to explore a little bit to find that perfect place. I ended up finding the balcony, and I knew that it was the spot for me.

The Gaylord balcony is my favorite spot on campus for various reasons. First off, many OU students and even many Gaylord students do not know of this hidden treasure. You would be surprised at how many people look shocked when I tell them where I am at.

I love to sit up there and read a book, write a new blog post, do my homework, or study. There is something soothing about being outside and looking out to see God’s beautiful handiwork around me. You might think that it would be a distracting place, but I love it. I love to hear the sounds of cars driving by, people walking and talking and whatever else is going on.

There is something about being outside and being up above the ground on a balcony that helps me find inspiration. As a public relations major and the Editor-in-Chief for OU’s Odyssey community, I am constantly looking for ways to inspire my team and myself. The world is always changing, yet when I am up on the balcony thinking the world seems to pause. In that moment I can take the time to really think things through and get stuff done. That is a great feeling.

During Oklahoma’s nice weather days, I love to sit out there and enjoy the weather. During Oklahoma’s chilly weather days, I love to put on a lot of layers, grab a warm cup of Starbucks coffee or hot chocolate, maybe even bring a blanket and spend a little bit of time out there doing homework. During Oklahoma’s crazy severe weather days, I will be smart and do all of my work inside Gaylord because we know how bad those nights can get.

The best part is when I am on Gaylord’s balcony during a sunset. It is an incredible sight to watch the Oklahoma sky change colors as the sun sets and the moon comes up. Sometimes I have to take a break from whatever I am doing to just enjoy it.

If you are looking for that perfect spot, I highly recommend that you do some exploring of your own. I might be biased, but you should check out Gaylord’s balcony because it does not disappoint.



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