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Hello, Photoshop

This week in Public Relations Publications, we started the week off by learning about how to navigate through photoshop. I barely jut learned how to use InDesign, so when I heard we were learning how to use a whole other software I was a little nervous. I know it is necessary to learn multiple ways to create digital content, but it is a hard task for this perfectionist. My inner Blair Waldorf rolled her eyes when I thought about stumbling my way through another design software.

Luckily, Adam Croom is a good (and thankfully patient) teacher. He has to be pretty patient to put up with me and my friends who are all in the class together. It will take some time, but I am sure that I will eventually get the hang of photoshop just like I (sort of) did with InDesign.

Today, we also had the opportunity to hear first hand from the woman who creates a lot of the digital work for the University of Oklahoma’s Recruitment and Admission office.

It was incredibly interesting to hear that something as simple as changing the leading can have a huge impact on digital and print content.

It was also interesting to hear about the different tactics they use whether that be mass emails and postcards, specific cards sent out and even mass text messages sent out that still give that special feel of a personal approach.

I am nervous to dive into using photoshop for our direct mailer project, but I am also eager to learn more and grow my skills in order to become a better public relations practitioner. Stay tuned for how that process turns out in next weeks blog post.

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