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This week in Public Relations Writing (JMC 3423), we were tasked with learning and practicing how to write a news release. This is a necessary skill for all public relations practitioners because you never know when someone will ask you to create a news release for a certain organization, event, product, etc. It is best to always be prepared.

Before this lesson, I had a limited knowledge of how to write a news release. I learned a little about it through Writing For Mass Media, but that was about it.

As I worked to create news releases this week, I found myself becoming more comfortable and confident with the process and format. It is all about practice. Whoever made the saying “practice makes perfect” was not joking.

Although, my choir teacher once said that “perfect practice makes perfect,” which makes a lot more sense to me. Not everyone gets things right on the first try, but you have to put in 100 percent of effort when you are practicing something. If you do not try, then the practice will really mean nothing.

I am nowhere near being a professional when it comes to writing news releases, but I just have to practice, practice and practice again. There is always room for growth, which is why I know I will be practicing and learning for the rest of my life.


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