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Ten Ways to Succeed with Studying

Taken by Sierra Abbott

The days of walking into a class and taking a test without studying the night before are over. This is college and it is pretty much impossible to ace a test without studying endlessly. I was the girl in high school who made perfect graders without ever having to study, but sadly I got thrown into a new world where studying is absolutely necessary if you want to succeed.

In hopes of helping poor college students like me who did not know the ways of studying, here is a list of ten things, in no particular order, that help me get through the process of studying.

  1. Get out of your room

I know your room is comfy, but trust me get out of your room to study. If you are anything like me, when you try to study in your room you will either a) fall asleep or b) get distracted by Netflix (usually Gossip Girl).

2. Go to the library

My very favorite place to study is at the library. Granted, if you don’t attend the University of Oklahoma then you are seriously missing out because our library is so beautiful. I love the atmosphere of the whole building and it is a great environment for studying. My favorite room is the great reading room because it looks like it came straight from Harry Potter. The other good thing is that you can’t make noise, so it is the perfect place to get away from distractions.

3. Go alone

I am so much more focused if my friends do not come with me to study. If they come with me there are sure to be lots of laughs and not very much of the actual studying part. When I am alone I can accomplish so much more and get it done a lot faster.

4. Starbucks

What is studying if you don’t have the perfect Starbucks drink? I know that sounds silly, but I don’t think I could get through studying without my favorite study buddy: an iced vanilla latte. Coffee helps me get through those long nights of studying till the sun comes up.

5. Put your phone away

Yes I know that in today’s society it is so hard for us to disconnect from our cell phone even for a minute, but trust me you will retain more information and get so much more done if you just disconnect from the outside world for a little while. If you put your phone away you won’t get distracted by the vibrations of your phone that go off every five seconds.

6. Classical music

Don’t think I am lame, but listening to classical music is a must for me when I am studying. It helps to calm me down and focus on what I am doing. Don’t try to listen to pop, rap, country, or anything in between because it will not work. Go to the classical music pandora station and you will be set.

7. Index Cards

Index cards are probably one of my favorite study tools. I usually write all my notes down on a normal sheet of notebook paper and then transfer the terms or concepts on to index cards. If you put the term/concept on one side and the definition on the other, then you have a great way to study that isn’t just you straight reading what you need to learn.

8. Pretty pens

My brain does not like just looking at plain pencil or even just black ink. I like to spice up my notes with pretty colored pens (usually pink of course) so that looking at my notes is more fun. It makes studying a little less boring.

9. Snack breaks

Snack breaks are very important. Reward yourself in the middle of studying with a snack that will fuel you with more energy to keep going, But let’s be real, I usually reward myself with candy which is fine too.

10. Change it up

One thing that I have learned through studying is to not just focus on one thing for four hours straight. Break up your studying for one exam with homework from another class. Your brain will feel like mush if you only focus on one thing all night without changing it up.

These ten things are what help me study in college and hopefully they can help you out too! Best of luck to all of you out there that know the pain of studying and are experiencing it at great levels right now. You can do it!

Feel free to let me know what helps you study! Leave your tips in the comments!


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