My home away from home

College is a completely new experience for me. I’m just a little freshman who had never spent a day away from my mom till now. I was born and raised in Broken Arrow and I never really strayed from home. It has definitely been a tough adjustment for me, but I am so lucky to have found a home here in Norman.

I was so scared to go through recruitment, but I am so glad I did because Alpha Phi became my new home. I am going to be honest, it was not love at first sight; however, after philanthropy day, I knew Alpha Phi was where I belonged. Nothing brings you closer to a group of girls than really seeing their hearts and how much serving meant to them. Serving others is just something that makes my heart happy, so in that moment I knew.

Alpha Phi has brought me a sisterhood that I could not survive college without. I have met so many incredible girls that I probably would never know if I was not apart of this sisterhood. I am apart of something that is so much bigger than myself.

Being apart of Alpha Phi brought me a pledge class of one hundred and two beautiful ladies. I have one hundred and two new sisters that will have my back (and that is not even counting the other two hundred sophomore, junior, and senior girls).

Another blessing that Alpha Phi gave me was a big. Having a big is pretty much having an honorary big sister that is stuck with you forever. It is a great feeling to know that you have a big sister that is there for you no matter what. I have always been the big sister, so it is great having an older girl that is there to look out for me and to just make me feel loved.

Tonight is initiation and that means that I will officially be an Alpha Phi for forever and always. I am beyond excited to officially be a member of this incredible sisterhood. Thank you Alpha Phi for being my home away from home.



Call Your Mom

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that I am sure many other college students share.

I miss my mom.

Yes, I said it. The thing that all college students feel, but won’t admit because they want to seem independent.

I love college and I love the new feeling of freedom, but I really do miss my mom. Two hours away from my dear mom is a lot farther than I thought it would be when I was anticipating my move to Norman.

My mom was out of the country for a whole week without cell phone service, and let me tell you, I was dying to talk to her.

Last night I spent an hour on the phone talking to my mom. It felt like no time at all honestly. I could have stayed on the phone with her all night. I’m sure I ramble and complain a bunch, but she is always willing to listen.

Hearing my mom’s voice and telling her all about my day is easily one of my favorite things to do while I am at college. I don’t care if that sounds lame, it literally is the thing that always makes my day a little better.

The love of a mother is really a love that nothing else can fulfill. I cherish ver y second I get with her, even if it is just a daily phone call.

So don’t hide the fact that you miss your mom. Go call her right now and just tell her about your day. Trust me, she will appreciate it more than you even know.

The New Age

Before the lifesaving website Amazon was created, writers had a hard time getting their work published. It used to be a very intricate process that usually only the wealthy could afford, unless you just had a brilliant idea that ended up in the hands of someone that could publish it for you.

The exciting factor of today’s book publishing industry is the newfound simplicity that Amazon created. Literally anyone can publish their own work on Amazon by a few clicks and for free! This is a huge asset to writers who have a brilliant idea, but cannot afford to go through a major book publishing industry.

Once a writer publishes his or her work on Amazon, anyone has access to read it. Readers can easily download these works for free onto their Kindles or other eBook devices.

In today’s society so many people who are now famous were found on free websites like YouTube and even Amazon! It is something that is becoming more common and it is a great way to find raw talent. You never know who will see your work once it is posted on the web. The great thing is that you can post it for free, so what do you have to lose?

Writers now have the option to take more risks and post new content on to the web because it is not like they will lose money if nobody picks up interest in their work. This really opens up the chance to be more creative and not stress about making the book only about topics that are selling right now.

This is such an exciting time in the book publishing industry because more people have the potential to get their work out there and really change the world. You never know what opportunities could come your way, and it is a great experience even if your work does not go anywhere.